Easy Mouse Lock 1.1: Lock mouse with Easy Lock Mouse utility and unlock mouse by closing the utility

Easy Mouse Lock 1.1

Lock Mouse cursor with Easy Lock Mouse Utility within user defined rectangle.Mouse is released when utility closed.The main screen of the utility can be minimised automatically when mouse cursor is locked.Trial Version does not have any nagging popups.Register for $5.00 and get free upgrades. Mouse Cursor once locked in a defined rectangle can be unlocked by closing the Mouse Lock utility usinng keyboard or by logging off the signed on user.

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Photogrammetric image rectification 1.0: Rectify photos with the help of photogrammetry. You get a completely level view.

Photogrammetric image rectification 1.0

rectangle what you get is a trapezoid. The program will rectify the trapezoid so that it will be a rectangle again and the scale of the original object will be restored. This means equal lengths in reality will become equal lengths on the rectified photo. You only need to specify 4 points in the photo which form a rectangle in reality. You can let the program render an even wider area as spanned through this 4 points. It is also possible to erase

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CapTrue 1.1.0: CapTrue is a screen capture application which can capture video players windows

CapTrue 1.1.0

rectangles on your screenshots! Key features: Video players window capture. Have you noticed black or purple rectangles on your screenshots made with Print Screen button? This is the place where video overlay is. Most of screen capturing software can`t deal with overlays. CapTrue can. Several output file formats. CapTrue can save your screenshot into BMP, PNG or JPG format. You can adjust quality settings for the latter format. The captured image

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Design ID Cards Generate professional business visiting cards using Design ID Cards application

Design ID Cards

Design ID Cards application facilitates user to design and generate different types of employee and students identification cards. Image designing application empowers you to create colorful texts and logos in various shapes and sizes using various objects like rectangle, pencil, line. ID card creator software is used design and create great looking photo and barcode added profession, personal visiting cards in various user defined sizes.

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Panic 1.0: Reveal the distorted picture by completing the rectangles

Panic 1.0

Control your bug and try and reveal the distorted picture by completing the rectangles. Avoid the enemy bugs as you go about your task but look out for the power-ups which will help you along the way. Complete a rectangle containing a power-up and it’s yours! Reveal the picture to move onto the next level where the bugs will be faster and smarter and the picture will be more difficult to complete.

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Cappy Screen Capture 3.5: Capture Screen to PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Save BMP, JPG, GIF, JPG,Blend, Invert

Cappy Screen Capture 3.5

Capture Screen to PowerPoint, Word, Excel. Save as BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, Send by Email, Print, Copy to clipboard, Send to your image editor or MS Paint. Capture full screen, rectangle, ellipse, circle, square, rounded rectangle, racetrack, triangle, diamond, hexagon, octagon, ROTATE ANY ANGLE, mirror, scale, blend edges, invert colors, custom backgrounds, date/time/name stamp, black + white, sepia. Make nice portraits like the tiger cub shown.

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Pro Key Lock 3.1.1: Locks user-selected keyboard and mouse buttons and functions

Pro Key Lock 3.1.1

Pro Key Lock can be used to lock specific keyboard and mouse buttons, like the function keys, the caps-lock key, the windows (start) key or key combinations like Alt-Ctrl-Del, Alt-Tab, etc. You can also lock specific mouse functions like the right click or the double click. The user can also define a rectangle on the screen and instruct Pro Key Lock to enable mouse clicks only inside/outside this rectangle.

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PDF to DWG Converter 2.05: Convert PDF to DWG, PDF to CAD, PDF to AutoCAD easily.

PDF to DWG Converter 2.05

Convert PDF to DWG, PDF to CAD, PDF to AutoCAD easily. Support PDF line, rectangle, ellipse, round rectangle, line segments, bezier segments, image and text etc. Convert PDF file to native DWG file. Import PDF file to AutoCAD directly. High quality, easy to use. Batch conversion. Support bezier segments. Support import text font style. Support import images.

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PCHand Screen Capture 1.8.0: PCHand Screen Capture helps to capture and easily edit the captured images.

PCHand Screen Capture 1.8.0

PCHand Screen Capture is a super capture helper that allows you to capture with different types. Here, we offer 7 capture modes, including Rectangle, Fixed Rectangle, Full Screen, Windows, Scrolling Window, Active Windows, etc. Using PCHand Screen Capture you can not only capture anything on the screen, but also edit the captured images with the powerful build-in editor to satisfy your own needs.

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CodeX Barcode Label Designer a powerful, efficient and easy-to-use barcode label design software.

CodeX Barcode Label Designer

Barcode Label Designer used to create barcode labels in multiple formats such as Tag, Sticker, Rolls, Coupons and Barcode Wrist Bands to fulfill all business labeling needs. Using Barcode Label Designer, you can create customized barcode labels with wonderful designing objects such as Text, Barcode, Line, Ellipse, Rectangle, Rounded-Rectangle and Picture etc.

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